Creating a rich culture, where diversity is not only encouraged but embraced, is a key component to Gold Fields’ success.

We recognise that the knowledge, experience, innovation and creativity of each individual is an asset to Gold Fields. It is these traits that are key elements to enabling us to operate and thrive in a dynamic environment, where diversity is integral to the workplace.

Our commitment to creating a fair, equitable, supportive and respectful work environment ensures employees are recognised based on merit and encouraged to reach their potential.

However, we do acknowledge that even though we strive to create an environment that wholly supports broader diversity and inclusion, our industry lacks representation from Indigenous Australians and women. In light of this, we have made it a matter of importance to create opportunities and initiatives to progress the career paths of these groups. This includes bursaries, trainee, apprentice and graduate programs to mentor the next generation of talent through Gold Fields.

Just over 45 % of Gold Fields Perth office comprises of women, with the amount of women in leadership roles surpassing 40 %.  We have exceeded our target of indigenous team members with the total numbers for the WA region at 3.6 % of the workforce.

Gender equality aligns deeply with Gold Field's purpose to create enduring value beyond mining and we are committed to increasing the representation of women in all roles across core mining and leadership. By 2025, we are striving for 25% representation of women in our business and 30% by 2030.

Workplace flexibility, 18 weeks parental leave, employee wellbeing benefits and generous purchase leave options are among Gold Fields investments into retaining our valued employees.

We support indigenous and women in the Gold Fields team via female specific programs, including Supporting Women at Gold Fields (SWAG) and Realising Excellence in Aboriginal Leadership (REALise).



A commitment to inclusivity

Creating an inclusive work environment for our people is paramount.

Gold Fields actively invests in resources to ensure all employees contribute to creating an inclusive environment. Employee resource groups, leadership development, mentoring programs, in addition to openly supporting LGBTQIA+ community initiatives and events are among the ways in which Gold Fields brings inclusivity to the fore.

Encouraging conversations and showcasing Gold Fields commitment to creating an inclusive and respectful workplace for all, where everyone belongs and feels safe, has been part of Gold Fields’ Respectful Workplaces #listen campaign throughout 2022, where conversations and commitment to this plight has been encouraged.

We are actively involved in multiple industry development initiatives including WIMWA mentoring, STEM training, GIG, Australia Mining Club, as well as being a Work180 endorsed employer. 

“It’s an exciting journey to be on. For me, it's very exciting to be able to be able to ensure that the teams on our site particularly are able to move forward and collectively and ensure that everyone can feel safe in the workplace and bring up anything that's an issue, but also, they can support each other as well.” Annie Llewellyn, Underground Manager